A Poem: Summer In the (Inner) City

So a poem about the bad parts about summer in the community in which I grew up. Hope you enjoy it and that it provokes thought.


At night I whispered ghetto dreams

Out of broken windows

On to a backdrop of

Dumpsters and a forgotten sofa that sit decrepit

Shadowed absently by

A streetlight that flickered mockingly.

With no stars to wish upon

I slept unsoundly

To the sound of sirens,


Melancholy, and murder

As I was told that if I read hard enough

Perspired, welled up and bled hard enough

That test answers could correct

This oblivion

Not understanding that the memories

Roam through the attic of my mind

Like ghosts.

What can put the heart together again

After a life like this

Where happiness was a reticent wish

Whisked away in the wisps

Of gun smoke

And fallen tears that

Evaporated on scorched pavement

As soon as the wish was spoken

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