When One Day Feels Like a Week — The Ramblings

DISCLAIMER: This post was written the night of Thursday April 9, 2015–and I was VERY tired. You’ll understand why I’m telling you this soon. Read on. :p

Ever had a day feel like a week? That’s what today has felt like for me. Nevermind the fact that I’ve been up a solid 21 hours now, with maybe a meal and a half in between, three grapefruit juices, two cranberry cocktails, and an orange punch. Which begs the question, what on Earth is orange “punch?” Orange is already a flavour and an actual fruit–what do they put in it to transform it from a (presumably) healthy refreshing fruit juice into a (again, presumably) cocktail for diabetes? What is a “punch” anyway as it pertains to juice? Isn’t that just a mixture? But, then that’s just called a blend. So maybe, a “punch” is a blend…WITH ATTITUDE! Or maybe not. We don’t know. And most of us probably don’t care. Because it tastes good. And that’s what matters.

Anyway, I was supposed to be talking about why my day felt so long and not the legitimacy of orange punch as an authentic fruit beverage. Soooo, my day–it was supposed to start at 6am, but instead started at 4:40am, because my brain figured it’d be smart to wake up well over an hour more than it needed to, and feeling like it could get through the day on 3 hours sleep.  I feel like I’m just rambling, but that’s okay. I have an excuse, and its name is exhaustion. So anyway, up early, out of the house at 7:15am to drive from the burbs to downtown Toronto. Arrived at 9am. Was on stage at 9:20am. Did a 15 minute talk, which was apparently good. Then did a Q&A session where the audience asked a bunch of amazing questions and I felt like I was in the zone answering them (Michael Jordan in the 4th quarter, son!). Then I co-facilitated a workshop, tried lunch but was interrupted, participated in a panel discussion, co-facilitated another workshop, finished up at the event (Headstrong, put on by the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario in association with the Mental Health Commission of Canada). Then drove an hour and a half in traffic to York University to start shooting a video for a project I’m working on addressing issues in equity, hoping to start a conversation leading to solutions. Then I went home and watched basketball with my brother. Stephen Curry is ridiculously good at basketball–he’s like playing video-games with all the cheat codes, but you know, actually a real person. Can you imagine being so good at something that you may as well be cheating? That’s Steph Curry. He’s cheating-at-the-video-game good. I wish I was that good at something…anything…even if it were something completely trivial, like answering emails on time. I want to be cheating-at-the-video-game good at answering emails. Which would be a boring video game. But still, you get the point. Steph Curry is lucky, or just a really hard worker.

Was that even a point? Shoot, is there even a point to this post? I don’t even know anymore. Too tired. I’ve literally fallen asleep three times in the writing of this. Which is probably why it’s disjointed and makes very little sense. But, I guess I do have a point: it’s been a long day, a productive day, a fun day filled with good company, and now I’m very tired. Goodnight world.

Ottawa, here I come! …on Saturday. :p

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